How to achieve your money goals?

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It’s all about the money. Life is. And no matter if you like admitting it or not, the money will control your life. The institution you are going to study in, the house you will be living in, the clothes you are going to wear, the laptop you are going to work on, the trips you are going to go to, the class you are going to fly in, the job you are going to have, the free time you are going to have, your hobbies, your lifestyle. They all depend on money. Money has power and you could be easily defeated by it, unless you are motivated and bold and ambitious, willing, studying, working, achieving. Then the more money in your bank account will be another goal you will aim to achieve, a goal you will be working hard for just like the admission in the university and the job you now have. But after all, is the money indeed so relevant and what is more important in life – the money or the pleasure. In the hedonistic society we now live, the advertisements and the policies try to convince us that we have to consume, that the pleasure is what makes the human life worthy. But isn’t it paradoxical to work your whole life and not to be able to have an own house? It’s all about the money. But how would you manage your money depends truly on you.

Watch your bank account often

Image of cardsWe live in the era of credit and debit cards. And they make us feel so powerful. We are buying little things everyday – coffee here, donut there, lip gloss from the drugstore and a bunch of flowers for home. They all cost not too much and we believe that we don’t spend too much. But when you sum them up, you notice that this is a great amount of money, which has gone nowhere. What happened with all your money? Why is it gone? Well, if you check your bank account often enough, you will always know exactly how much you have. And thus you will be more careful, when you are buying stuff, no matter if it is a new phone or a latte.

Be rational

When we are buying or even more when we are shopping, we are emotional and sentimental. You had a tough week Image of shopping bagand you are in a crappy mood, so you believe that the shopping therapy is the only cure. So you are going from store to store, spending too much on things that are not so valuable, only because you are too emotional right now. In other cases the

sentimentalism is simply defeating you and you think of that dress that reminds you of one you have, when you were a child and you are buying it for no reason.

Remember why you started

You wanted to buy a car or to go to Dubai. There was a reason you decided to save money and not to spend much. Keep it on mind.