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Every one of us had to clean up various stains, whether coffee, ink or chocolate fell on the couch, the carpet, the garment or the carpeting. Spots can be different and varied, but the problem ends when you know how to clean them. When cleaning each spot it is important to remember two basic rules. The first and basic rule is the rapid reaction to the appearance of the stain. Second, pre-test a piece of tissue that is not visible to reduce the risk of damage.
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Cleaning chocolate stains

Image of chocolateThe first and most important thing is to remove the chocolate from the surface of the fabric with the help of a knife or other sharp object. Then immerse the edge of a cloth in medical alcohol and carefully treat the stain to dissolve the stain of chocolate. Wait for 20 minutes and wipe the stain with a dry cloth. If the stain is still present, treat it with a 1: 1 solution of warm water and ammonia. The important thing here is not mixing ammonia with chlorine or bleach-containing substances. Re-dry the stain and neutralize the ammonia with a solution of one part of vinegar in four parts of warm water. You can now rinse thoroughly with hot water. The chocolate stain is gone.

Cleaning stains of coffee and tea

Gently moisten the stain of coffee or tea and dip it with a napkin or kitchen paper. In the case of coffee or tea stainsImage of tea that are fresh, you can clean them with cold milk. By pouring the milk stain and circular movements, treat it carefully. Then rinse it with lukewarm water. But if the stain is old and dry, you can remove it using glycerin. Thoroughly smear the stain of coffee or tea with glycerin, leave it for 20 minutes to break down and rinse again with lukewarm water. You can then apply the standard laundry in the washing machine.

Cleaning ink stains

Image of stain of inkWhen cleaning ink spots, you need to be very careful and precise because they can not only enlarge, but they can also stain the fabric if it is not treated properly. When cleaning ink spots, you need to arm yourself with patience and act. Take a towel and soak it with fresh milk, then gently rub into the tissue. The ink should begin to degrade and begin to absorb it with a napkin or kitchen paper. If the milk has not worked well on the stain and still has ink residue, treat it with lemon juice.

When we need to clean up more specific tissue stains, we need to get to know what the method and how they are cleaned. In case of wrong and improper treatment, there is a great opportunity to lose our favorite garment or to leave an even bigger spot on the fabrics. Be careful when cleaning your carpets because a small mistake can cost you very expensive. My advice is to call a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpet Cleaning Essex, depends on which part of England you live in.

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The carpet acts as a trap, holding dust and allergens from the air we breathe. Put simply, what falls on the carpet (dust, pet hairs and many other particles you breathe) remains in the carpet trap until it is removed by vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. Unlike smooth floor surfaces that allow dust and other allergens to recirculate into the breathing air, properly maintained and suitably chosen carpets actually contribute to improving air quality.

Benefit from the carpet

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More and more people have been putting up their own cleaning agencies in the past years. This is seen to be the easiest business enterprise that you can ever set up that is why people are getting their possibilities and trying out to profit in this enterprise. Although it is…

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image of cleaning teamSoon you will have to move out and you are not one of those who clean with desire, who have the technique and possess the right detergents and cleaning tools, or you simply don’t want to spend your entire free time cleaning, for God sake. So you have decided that you will hire a cleaning company and won’t bother yourself making your life more complicated. But now you have to choose the one, the best one – yes, the cleaning company that will make your flat looks like new and that will make sure that the money from the deposit are soon going to be back in your pocket. Here are a few tips for making the right choice:

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Even though I was blessed to find what I wanted I never recognized that finding a home was not going to be the most significant obstacle for me. When I informed my property owner that I am leaving, he told me that in my contract it claims that end of tenancy cleaning is my responsibility and also if I do not do it, he will deduct money from my down payment. I was rather surprised yet there once again I had signed the tenancy contract so I should have known.

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