Clean and declutter your kid’s room in 4 simple steps

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You remember the day you designed and arranged the kid’s room – with passion and heart. It looked like a little piece of perfection in this big and chaotic world. Then your kids started living there and it remained slightly organized for some time, until they grew up and turned it into the biggest mess in this same chaotic world. So many times you told them to declutter, so many times you set ultimatums and tried forcing them to clean this nightmare and to transform it into a nice and cosy room again. And this all was too unsuccessful. However, this messy little part of your home drives you crazy and you are not so patient anymore, so you need a way, an ultimate solution, you need to cope with this once and for all and only then you could relax and live calmly again. The good news is that following these 5 simple steps, your kids will have a magnificent room and you calm mind. Just get rid of them:

The broken toys

No matter how nice you live and how much your kid loves his toy, a moment comes when he throws it away or you step over it and the result is explicit – one more useless broken toy. 5970813422_5b4e087385_bYou tried repairing them once, but you gave up, when you realized that it is so unworthy. However, you have piles of broken toys your kids will never ever play with again and what you need to do is to get rid of them. A very thoughtful choice is to recycle them as most of the toys are plastic and somehow to help the environment.

The dried-out markers

Image of pencilsThese are some of the things you nuy most often for your kids. They love writing and colouring and creating and they cannot do any of these without markers, so you end up buying a marker pack almost every time you go to the supermarket, so your home is full of different kinds in different sizes with different labels and different colours, but the truth is that the majority of them is not useful at all. Differently said – they have dried out. So get a piece of paper now and sort out those that may be used and throw away all the others.

The clothes that don’t fit

Do I need to mention those at all? Put them in boxes and store them in the basement or in the garage. Give them to relatives or friends. Or even give them for charity. Recycle them, but never ever store them in the wardrobe creating a constant mess.


The dust, dirt, grime

At the end just clean super well – wash the windows and the walls, polish the floor or if it is carpeted hire one of the Image of paintbest London’s cleaners for a deep clean-up, remove the dust and the cobwebs, vacuum-clean and make this place the best on Earth. You can get professional help here.

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