Regularly clean the filters on air conditioning and Hoods

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Almost every home has an absorber and at least one air conditioner. They create extraordinary comfort, with the absorber contributing to hygiene, preventing the build-up of fat on the walls of the kitchen. Both devices make the setting much more welcoming and enjoyable for homeowners, but they can also quickly become a source of health threat if they are not given the right attention.

When buying each of the two devices instruct us that we need to clean their filters regularly, but, although very strict at first, we forget to do it over time and this is extremely damaging to our health and to the environment in our home. Here we will explain why you should never forget to clean the filters of the air conditioner and the hood on a regular basis. The professional cleaners from End of tenancy cleaning LoImage of air conditionedndon share their experience. You can find more information here.

Clearing the filter of the air conditioner

The air conditioner consists of two parts – one located inside the compartment and the other where the compressor and evaporator are located outside the dwelling – usually mounted on the outside wall of the building. The appliance employs air that takes away from the atmosphere and which, after the corresponding treatment (cooling/warming), is brought into the room in the form of a fine stream.

This air passes through filters that serve to clean fine particles of dust and other pollutants. The air conditioner filters must be cleaned at least once a month and in a highly polluted urban environment and twice. Otherwise, dirt and disease-causing microorganisms accumulate on them, which we do not realize we breathe in.

Dirty filters on air conditioners can cause respiratory problems, such as allergic bronchospasm and even pneumonia, so cleaning them should never be postponed. To clean the air conditioner filters use only warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly with running water. You can use a soft brush or sponge without using brute force.

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Refreshment of the hood’s filter

When the filters on the hood are blocked, it stops performing its purpose, which means that every time you cook, the kitchen will fill with steam and greasy deposits that will stick to the walls, not to mention the smells that will you feel long after you have cooked.

The extractor hoods should be cleaned at least once a month if you cook regularly. This will prevent the fat deposition, which becomes more and more difficult to remove, the longer you delay the cleaning. Regular cleaning of the extractor filters will not only make your home more enjoyable but will also help you save electricity because the appliance will not spoil in vain and consume more energy.

Cleaning the filters of the hood must be done with a quality degreaser. If you are a supporter of home cleaning methods, you can soak them in boiling water, where you have dissolved the soda for bread and vinegar. Keep in mind that this method works only when there is not much fat deposition. Otherwise you will need to use a degreasing agent.

Sometimes, when the hood is not cleaned regularly, it is necessary to re-apply a degreasing agent until the residue is completely removed. The product should be washed under a strong jet of hot water, and you can help with a hard brush with an artificial hair. Dry the filters well before reassembling them on the appliance.

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