Travelling is almost always connected with a lot of money and expenses, or at least you think so. The plane tickets are not cheap at all, the hotel rooms as well, and you need some money for transport and museums and other attractions, you need to eat somewhere and the touristic cities turn out to be not so accessible. On the other hand, your whole conscious life you have been dreaming about Paris – the city of light, of love, the city, which was home of painters and artists and musicians, the most romantic one, the city with a soul and so much to offer. But can you imagine that you can have a trip there without having to spend all your savings or three salaries. Yes, I’m serious; just take a look at these few tips.


Paris is definitely one of the cities, most visited by tourists. And therefore if you want to go there in August, for instance, when many people from all over the world have their holidays and choose Paris for a trip, you will have to spend a great amount of money for plane tickets, because then they are most costly. Choose a month that is not so preferred by the majority of people like February, for instance. Yes it would be a little bit colder, but you will save money and get warm by impressions. Another thing you better know is that every first Sunday of the month all museums in Paris can be visited free of charge. And this so damn amazing. Do your best and make sure that you will be there in one of those Sundays and you will have the chance to enjoy the Louvres and the Centre Pompidou.

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There are boulevards – wide and spacious, with big sidewalks, stores of famous brands and designers, fast food restaurants and luxurious ones as well. There are boulevards like Champs-Elysees. And there are others even more boring and provident that have nothing but big supermarkets and stupid advertisements. All those have no charm, or at least they are totally not enthralling for me – they are modern and convenient, they connect places and people, countries, fates, but they have no soul, they are too ordinary and commercial.

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I adore travelling. It’s inspiring and exciting, and new and different. You see another cultures, meet people who have absolutely diverse ideas from your own. You lose balance, but realize soon that this is the only way to find yourself.

Pros and cons

Image of roadTravelling is good-byes, departures and arrivals, hugs and kisses and tears sometimes, but laughter and happiness and curiosity more often. While travelling you have nothing but yourself, the sky and the sea, your senses and your camera. Nice, huh?But, unfortunately, travelling has a lot to do with flying. And don’t misunderstand me, I am not afraid of the whole concept of flying, contrariwise I am amazed and impressed of us being up in the sky in a magical machine and so on, but it makes me sick, nervous, it disappoints me and tires me.

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