The entryway: feel at home from the first step

First impression is always the most crucial one. The first place you walk in when you go home is surely the entryway. The first thing your guests notice when they stop by is again this place. So when you want to make your house more cozy and homey, do not forget spaces like this, because they seem like too unimportant, too small and unremarkable, but in reality they do matter a lot. And to a certain extent the entryway shows all the people who cross the threshold of the house what the hosts are like.


Imafe of photosThese are personal and beautiful, inexpensive, but sentimental. So take your time and choose those photos that represent you the best – it could be your wedding photos, or these from your trip to France last year, your childhood photos, or random ones with big meanings. Arrange them in beautiful frames and put them on the walls. You do not need too many – four or five are completely enough. When someone visits your house, will thus see what inspires you and makes you happy.

A quote

You can never make a mistake with a quote.

And you surely have a favorite one. Choose a nice font and simply print it. You do not need colors and shading, because words are more powerful than you expect. Sharing a quote is like sharing a piece of yourself, of your inner world, and if you have invited that person at your home, you should be ready for that kind of commitment.


These precious little things make your home more lively. If you like the cut flowers, find a beautiful vase that will fitImage of flowers your home design perfectly. Be ready, however, to change the flowers often and to buy new ones. This is not so hard, but it’s time-consuming. And if you have a busy lifestyle, better buy a potted one and water it frequently. Nowadays you can also subscribe and receive freshly cut flowers through the post every week and it won’t cost you too much.

Something old

Image of globeIt could be everything – the old clock you found in your grandparents’ house last year, the music box your aunt gave you for Christmas when you were 6, the globe you got from your parents when you were in first grade with a wish to travel the world, or an antique you bought when you were in Paris. The old things bring sensations. They are sentimental and make your home seem more delightful and precious, more you and that is what you want to from your entryway.

Something practical

And yet the home is not only about decorations, it has to be convenient. There are three things that are totally practical for this part of the house: a little bench, a coat rack and a mirror. All the people who come in your house and you, too, need a place to leave jackets and coats, hats and umbrellas. And taking a final look in the mirror, before leaving the house, is something we all do.