Flying makes me sick and travelling makes me wanna fly

I adore travelling. It’s inspiring and exciting, and new and different. You see another cultures, meet people who have absolutely diverse ideas from your own. You lose balance, but realize soon that this is the only way to find yourself.

Pros and cons

Travelling is good-byes, departures and arrivals, hugs and kisses and tears sometimes, but laughter and happiness and curiosity more often. Click To Tweet

Image of road

While travelling you have nothing but yourself, the sky and the sea, your senses and your camera. Nice, huh?But, unfortunately, travelling has a lot to do with flying. And don’t misunderstand me, I am not afraid of the whole concept of flying, contrariwise I am amazed and impressed of us being up in the sky in a magical machine and so on, but it makes me sick, nervous, it disappoints me and tires me.

Get confused at the airport

Let’s assume that getting to the airport is not part of the whole flying thing and skip the fact that too often we have toImage of plane take a tube, bus, taxi, shuttle and even an unicorn to reach this out of the way airport. However, you are there and hope for a fast check-in a little bit confused by the recent trend that all flights of a single company are served on one desk. You are making your way to the gate now. Yeah, I almost missed one of the loveliest procedures in the history of the entire world – the security check.

Shock on the plane

You are here compelled to take off your jacket and shoes (for God sake), your watch, belt, glasses and dignity, to take all your electric devices out of the bags and when you barefooted and irritated go through the machine, you are about to hear the noisy little tedious “beep” almost every time. However, 10 minutes after that, you are dressed again and ready to finally reach the gate and be able to read a book, when you turn out to be in a maze of endless duty free shops. You then accidentally take a look at your phone and only then notice that these procedures obviously took you too long and you are almost late for the flight, so you start running through shelves full of perfumes and chocolate and make-up and toys, to get there and find out that your flight is being delayed. Half an hour later you are getting in the economic class of the plane and are seated in the middle of the middle row, where there’s not only absolutely no space for your legs, but you also cannot lean for a single second, because of the strangers sitting next to you. Let’s skip the obligatory cry of a child or why not a couple for at least 3 hours out of 8 and the fact that as you are staying in one position for hours you could hardly turn your neck, you are now eating the lovely airplane food. Afterwards you close your eyes and hope that at least the other passengers won’t clap when you land – otherwise you will kill yourself. You are thankful at the end, the nightmare is over and the crossing of an ocean done in only 8 hours.