The little streets’ delightful charm

There are boulevards – wide and spacious, with big sidewalks, stores of famous brands and designers, fast food restaurants and luxurious ones as well. There are boulevards like Champs-Elysees. And there are others even more boring and provident that have nothing but big supermarkets and stupid advertisements. All those have no charm, or at least they are totally not enthralling for me – they are modern and convenient, they connect places and people, countries, fates, but they have no soul, they are too ordinary and commercial.

And there are the other ones, the old streets, those who gathered the people so much time ago.

The charm of the old towns

Image of GreeceThese are the streets of Montmartre and the Barcelona’s Ghotic Quarter, the streets of Rome and absolutely every other Italian town, the street of Greece and even those of Istanbul, they are all European, they are lovely.

Can you get lost on a straight boulevard, can you travel back in time. Probably not. Those little streets all around the world bring you in the past. You walk and you touch the building where a painter lived hundreds years ago – here were born his masterpieces, here he hated and loved, he fought for his beliefs, here he died and here now lives his soul.

You can feel the town

In another of this delightful buildings lived a normal family – rich or poor, happy or sad, together, separated, forImage of Samos long or not. Here you go in a parallel world, in those of the past, so easily. You travel in time and your senses are pleased. You walk with a map in your hand which is completely useless, because you are already lost in your sensations. You stop for a moment, take a photo and keep going, observing, feeling, sharing, getting inspired and impressed. You need no directions, you are home, your heartbeat is calm, your eyes – wide-open, your smile – broad, your happiness – flawless.